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Vertex VX231  [VX231]

 Disponibil in stoc
1 an
 Pret:  700 RON  cu T.V.A.

Statie emisie receptie VHF si UHF portabila Vertex VX 231 cu 16 canale

Specificatii Tehnice
  • Banda de frecventa: VHF: 134–174 MHz; UHF: 450–512 MHz
  • Numar de canale: 16
  • Butoane programabile: 2
  • Scanare automata
  • Sistem de semnalizare: PL/DPL (CTCSS/DCS)
  • Ecart intre canale programabil 12.5/20/25KHz
  • Functie speciala: ARTS (Automatic Range Transpond System)
Setul cuprinde: unitate emisie receptie (statie radio), acumulator, antena flexibila, incarcator radpid cu talpa, clips de prindere la centura, manual de utilizare.

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